Daily Prompt – Overwhelming

Life as I know it is changing.
And that itself is overwhelming.

Changes from the White House are coming – and so far, I don’t believe for the better.

Living abroad and meeting people from so many other countries, I have found that we are each representatives of our own countries, a sort of ‘ambassador’, one could say. With that being said, when representing my country, I want to show the positives of it, be proud of it, tell it’s accomplishments. I’m not proud in the nationalistic sense of the word. I don’t in fact think my country is the best in the world – I know my country has faults. However, there is a difference being nationalistic and patriotic. I want to be proud of my country and for what it is able to achieve.

However, with the recent events, I’m finding that harder and harder to do. These changes being made by the US government, and Mr. Trump specifically have not only affected Americans (myself included). They have affected the globe, and how they perceive America.

It’s overwhelming to me to see my pride in my country begin to disappear. Right before my eyes, I begin to see some of my patriotism to fade. When meeting people and hearing about what is happening in their countries, I find myself attempting to change the topic of the conversation, rather than speak about my country.

It’s overwhelming to me to hear only negatives about my country every single day. I want to be able to be proud of my country. I truthfully do. But whenever anyone finds out I am from America, they automatically begin speaking about the negatives of Mr. Trump. Hearing these negatives constantly about my country everyday is tiring.

It’s overwhelming to me to feel obligated to stand up for my country when I truthfully don’t want to stand up for what it believes in. I want to be able to share the positives of my country, but I’m finding it’s harder and harder to do that.

It’s overwhelming to me that one man has had the ability to affect so many in so little time.

It’s overwhelming to me to feel like I have to defend Americans in general. The current policies Mr. Trump is attempting to implement may not seem to some Americans as being wrong – and this is their opinion. However, to outsiders and other nations it is painting us and racists. As a country filled with fear and hate. And I know that is not my America. And I know that is not what most Americans are. To me, to be american is to be open, welcoming, accepting. We are a country built on immigrants who decided to stand up for what they believe and try and make a better life for anyone who wanted it. However, to outsiders, this may not matter. They just seen the president and his policies, which is completely understandable. Now, instead of trying to have pride in my country, I have found myself trying to defend the American people. Show the people that I meet that we are not all what our government portrays us as. I am accepting. And so are many other Americans.

With this being said, it has only been 15 days since Trump got inaugurated. I cannot even look to what is to come in the future because that will be past even overwhelming.

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